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Ready to finish???  Let's go....

Add a new layer - nose.
Selections, load from disk - ag_nose_als.
Flood fill with #EED0B4.
Apply the following inner bevel.

Effects, Blur, Gaussian Blur of 1.5.

Add a new layer - mouth.
Selections, load from disk - ag_mouth_als.
Flood fill with #B16C29.

Add a new layer - cheeks.
Selections, load from disk - ag_cheeks_als.
Flood fill with #C3938C.

Add a new layer - hair.
Selections, load from disk - ag_hair_als.
I've included a tile of hair that I created with
Eye Candy 4000. You may use this to flood fill
the hair selection or create your own.
With your retouch tool at the following settings,
smudge the hair in downward curved strokes.


Selections, select all.
Selections, float.
Selections, invert.
Apply the same drop shadow.

Add a new layer - hat.
Selections, load from disk - ag_hat1_als.
Flood fill with #C6B79A.
Selections, invert.
Apply drop shadow.
Invert selection again.
Apply noise but change to 6%.
Load from disk - ag_hat2_als.
Finish the 2nd piece same as above.

Add a new layer - string.
Selections, load from disk - ag_string_als.
Flood fill with black.

Add a new layer - apples.
Copy & paste the ag_apple_als along the string,
using your deformation tool to angle them a bit.
Don't forget to Effects, Sharpen, Sharpen after
each deformation!!

Add a new layer - hat apples.
Copy & paste the ag_apple_als on the brim of her
hat. I resized the apple by 75%.

And that should be you like your
country apple girl!! Merge, merge visible or save
in PSP format for later use.  Here are some other little dolls
that I've done!!


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August 26, 2002

Copyright 2002 Ally's Country Home
All Rights Reserved